The Guided Community Cleanse: April 14-23, 2018

One who is established in Self, who has balanced doshas, balanced agni (digestion), properly formed dhatus (tissues), proper elimination of malas (waste products), well functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul and senses are full of bliss is called a healthy person.
—Sushruta Samhita, 15.38



What is a kitchari cleanse?

The Guided Community Cleanse is led by certified Ayurvedic consultant and cookbook author Kate O'Donnell and is offered online over the course of 10 days, April 14 to 23, 2018. This cleanse best represents the full Ayurvedic cleansing process composed of two days of preparation, five days of cleansing, and three days of reintegration. 

A kichari cleanse at the start of the Spring season maximizes your body’s natural inclination to get rid of excess fat and mucus accumulated over the Winter. This is not a fast, but rather a nourishing 10-day program of eating a monodiet of the Ayurvedic specialty, Kichari, which has detoxifying qualities, and practicing daily dry brushing and oil massage. Dry brushing and oil massage will loosen impurities and stimulate your lymphatic system, the mainline for detoxification.

In addition to reducing winter’s accumulated heavy and sticky qualities, spring cleansing is a preventative measure to ensure good health for the coming season.

Kitchari cleanse Schedule at a glance


Day 1 & 2: Pre-Cleanse

Eat three meals, no snacks, mostly whole grains, beans, lentils, and seasonal fruits
and veggies. 

Days 3–7: KiChari Cleanse

Eat three meals of kichari, daily. 

Day 8: rest Day

A quiet day to rest after the main cleanse, and transition to the post-cleanse recipes. 

Days 9 & 10: reintegration

Much like pre-cleanse, with a few extras to rebuild the body.



What's included with my sign up?

  • a detailed 50-page cleanse manual, emailed to you as a PDF immediately upon purchase so you can begin your preparation
  • a Spring Cleanse shopping list + table of Daily Routines
  • 30 Spring recipes to support your cleanse
  • guidance for Ayurvedic herbal support
  • discovering allergens protocol
  • live kick-off conference call with Kate O'Donnell
  • exclusive access to daily meditation audio recordings
  • private social media group where Kate provides real-time support and guidance throughout the duration of the cleanse. 

The fee for the Guided Community Cleanse is $100.
Clicking the 'join' button below will redirect you to the website of Down Under School of Yoga (home of the Boston Ayurveda School) where you may complete your purchase.