Book Release: "Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind"


It's here! I present to you:

"Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind"

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I wrote Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind because when we begin to implement dietary changes, we inevitably end up face to face with behavioral patterns that underlie our food choices. Changing any one aspect of the daily life will cause a ripple effect. CHANGE is the basic activity of the mind. Knowing when to be still, when to create change, and when to resist it is the basis of mental balance. Translate that to say the right amount of work, quiet time, exercise, and rest will support mental balance.

As I work with Ayurveda and real people, I continually see that imbalances in the pace of modern life (dare I say the aim of life?), underlie a lot of discomforts in mind and body. Simply finding a natural desire to create good space in the mind, to feel at ease, happy, relaxed, is the beginning of Sattva, and I do intend this book to spark that desire with its beauty, its simplicity, its heartfelt words, images, and of course, recipes.  Finding our way towards a diet of life-giving foods, local and seasonal when possible, minimally processed, vegetarian, rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and legumes, will absolutely change the mind-scape. The Sattvic diet is about enjoying food that connects us to ourselves and the planet, that provides experiences of beauty and pleasure, and nourishes us on all levels. It sounds like a big deal, but anyone who desires a calm, clear mind will do well to cook from this book and I am not surprised if readers find that it works.

From idea to on sale, it has been almost 4 years of effort and attention. A huge thanks to all of you who pre-ordered, because of you we are Amazon's #1 New Release in Ayurvedic Medicine. Your copies should be in your kitchen in no time.

Thank you also to Cara Brostrom, who contributes a lot more than photography and has been with the Everyday Ayurveda books since before day one. Her work makes these books look and taste so good, and her encouragement and Ayurvedic excitement is what first brought my little packets of one paragraph recipes out into the world.

Thank you to cooking superstars Risa Horn and Carabeth Connolly who handcrafted the food you'll find in these pages. And again to Carabeth Connolly, our Master Recipe Tester and the whole recipe testing team! To Allison Meierding, our all star book designer!

Thank you to the editor who started it all Rochelle Bourgeault, to Juree Sondker and everyone Shambhala Publications and Roost Books. To my manuscript readers, thank you for your time and your honesty, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Erin Casperson,

Hilary Garivaltis, Dr. Anusha. And ongoing gratitude to the faculty and students of the Boston Ayurveda School.

With dedication to the Ayur Vidya, the spirit of Ayurveda, and to all the gurus and vaidyas of past, present, and future. May the lineage of Ayurvedic study which inspired this text and recipes inspire you to cultivate satisfaction and peace of mind every day.