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I hope you discover one or two new ones here. I'm Kate, and I practice, teach, and write about these complimentary healing systems for health and happiness. I am the author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook and recently launched an in-depth Ayurveda training in Boston. You will find resources here to support you in a simple, mindful, and enjoyable path towards health and happiness- employing a system that’s been around thousands of years. Whether it’s an on-line cleanse, a yoga video, or a recipe, this site offers many ways to get started, or go deep, on your Ayurveda journey.




Ayurvedic Recipes

Winter Diet Tips

Favor these 3 tastes to promote balance

sweet (like fennel, whole grains, and milk)
sour (like lemons, cranberries, and pickled vegetables)
salty (like sea vegetables, mineral salt, and tamari)

For more, check out my Winter Diet and Lifestyle Overview in The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook.

Eka Pada Viparita

Yoga For winter

Yoga for winter will warm and invigorate the body.

Yoga for winter should warm the body without stressing the joints. Apply warm sesame oil to the skin and take a warm/hot shower before practice. Focus on standing postures, squats, slow flows, and deep Savasanas. 

As we get into the late winter and the body stiffens, begin to increase the holds or the pace, concentrate on deep breathing, and move more. Encourage a bit of sweating.

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