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I hope you discover one or two new ones here. I'm Kate, and I practice, teach, and write about these complimentary healing systems for health and happiness. I am the author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook, as well as Everyday Ayurvedic Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind and recently launched an in-depth Ayurveda training in Boston. You will find resources here to support you in a simple, mindful, and enjoyable path towards health and happiness- employing a system that’s been around thousands of years. Whether it’s an on-line cleanse, a yoga video, or a recipe, this site offers many ways to get started, or go deep, on your Ayurveda journey.




Ayurvedic Recipes

WINTER Diet Tips

Favor these 3 tastes to promote balance

sweet (like root vegetables and dates)
sour (like lemon and yogurt)
salty (like miso and seaweed)

For more, check out my Winter Diet and Lifestyle Overview in The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook.

Eka Pada Viparita


Yoga for Winter will warm, circulate, and invigorate. 

As the winter wears on and cold, hard qualities predominate, you may need to pick up the pace a bit to keep the juices flowing.

Especially in the morning, do some joint rotations, sun salutations, and standing postures- until sweat beings to form. Then enjoy the internal gaze as winter drives the energy to the core of the body.

Seated postures such as veerasana, sankatasana, and forward bends such as paschimottanasana and childs pose will bring on a meditative vibe.

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